Who We Are

Wildfarmers, a division of Stork Peterkin International Foundation was established as a non profit 501c3.  Wildfarmers/spif grew out of over fifty years of working with habitat in urban and rural environments. Founded by siblings Veronica Stork and Tony Stork in response to an urgent need to reconnect the human community to natural habitat and wilderness,


What We Do

Wildfarmers bring people of all ages and diverse cultures together in a fun relaxed environment. With events and campouts and experiences designed to embed in the participants the joy and freedom that comes from being in close contact with nature. To bring hands of all sorts in contact with the soil and the foundations of our environment.


Board of Directors

Veronica Stork, Founder, Executive Director

Tony Stork, Director of Operations

Kevin Lopez, Treasurer

Brizette Castellanos, Secretary

John Johnen, Capacity Planning

Ryan O'dell, Soils Scientist, Botanist, Native Plan Specialist, Ecological Specialist.

Cecille O'Brien Greenleaf, vmd - Homeopathic Veterinarian