Welcome to Stork Peterkin International Foundation (SPIF)

Stork Peterkin International Foundation (SPIF) is located in the San Benito Mountains of Central Coastal California on the edge of Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area.

SPIF: Believes that everything is interconnected. In order to build stronger communities we focus on business development, secure archive to store culture and nature for future generations, and wilderness conservation and rehabilitation. Individuals struggling to survive have no interest in or room for thought about the need for wilderness conservation. Without a secure way to store information we will not be able to pass on wilderness and cultural experiences to future generations. Wilderness and wilderness conservation is a misnomer for indigenous and native forest and land management strategies.

  Our programs are in the deciduous oak forests of Central Coastal California. The deciduous oak forests and their inhabitants are in critical condition. The understory has been systematically destroyed by the grazing of cattle and the canopy is currently is serious condition, as it is being destroyed by a sustained drought and lack of the forest management practiced by indigenous peoples of California for over ten thousand years.

The forests themselves are falling in front of the development bulldozer. California loses open land the size of a football field every two minutes. Songbirds and small animals have no place to hide. The songbird population is being decimated. Large predators are also falling and running out of space. Cougars are shot at schools and playgrounds and housing developments.

California forests and wildlife are on the edge. The only way to save them is to raise public awareness and understanding. Events such as Under The Stars (on nights of meteor showers), Bird Identification Contests, etc. Our events bring the public into direct interaction with wilderness contributing to understanding, awareness, and in some cases dedication to the preservation of the environment.

SPIF’s Co-founder, Veronica Stork, has been mentioned in two articles speaking of the beauty and peacefulness of Panoche Valley

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Some of our proposed projects will include the following activities:

  • Native land management/Blue Oak Woodland
  • Solar and wind alternative energy strategies
  • Sky’s the Limit Star Gazing program
  • Birding Wonders and more
  • Wetland and habitat preservation
  • Apache Technical Group
  • Business Development & Entrepreneurial Training
  • Exposure to the Arts

Contact our Executive Director

Veronica Stork, vstork@storkpeterkin.org